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AUGUSTA — This year’s virtual Trek Across Maine raised $360,500, according to the American Lung Association. The funds are to be used to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through research, education and advocacy. A portion will anchor also be used for COVID-19 research. This year, more than 600 cyclists from California to Maine registered for the 37th annual event that was held virtually for the second year in a row because of COVID-19 safety precautions. In going virtual, event registration from new participants increased by 16%. The association used new fundraising ideas such as the use of photo and video campaigns on social media, including Trek Bingo and Wyman’s Wild Rides. Since 1985, the annual event has raised more than $30 million and is the largest fundraising event in the country for the American Lung Association. “During what has been a very challenging year for so many people, our Trekkers, volunteers and staff stepped up to the plate to make this year’s virtual Trek Across Maine a success,” said Jeff Seyler, chief division officer of the American Lung Association, according to an ALA news release. “We were thrilled to see many new participants get involved and become part of our community. I am excited to announce that we plan to return to the traditional in-person event next year starting in Brunswick. Much like our cyclists and volunteers who can’t wait to see each other again, we are also looking forward to seeing thousands of smiling faces in June.” The virtual event allowed even more participants across the U.S. to get involved, including nearly 100 new registrations from states that included California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Since the event was spread out over multiple months, more people were able to participate, spanning ages 8 to 80. Patti Lane of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was the top individual fundraiser, raising $13,500. The top fundraising team, for the second year in a row, was L.L.Bean at $30,501.03. The Virtual Volunteer Award, given to the volunteer who raises the most funds for the event was Dail Martin of Casco, who raised $1,035. She is also one of only two original Trekkers who have participated for all 37 years of Trek Across Maine.

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c, The die layout of PlasticARM, denoting the key blocks in white boxes such as the Cortex-M processor, ROM and RAM. d, The die micrograph of PlasticARM, showing the dimensions of the die and core areas. Credit: Nature (2021). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03625-w A team of researchers at ARM Inc., has developed a 32-bit microprocessor on a flexible base which the company claims could pave the way to fully flexible smart integrated systems. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes how they used metal−oxide thin-film transistors along with a type of plastic to create their chip and outline ways they believe it could be used. Microprocessors power a wide range of products, but what they all have in common is their stiffness. Almost all of them are made using silicon wafers , which means that they have to be hard and flat. This inability to bend, the researchers with this new effort contend, is what is preventing the development of products such as smart clothes , smart labels on foods, packaging and even paper products. To meet that need, the team has created what they describe as the PlasticARM—a RISC-based 32-bit microprocessor set on a flexible base. In addition to its flexibility, the new technique allows for printing a microprocessor onto many types of materials, all at low cost. To create their bendy microprocessor, the researchers teamed with a group at PragmatIC Semiconductor to create a bendable version of the Cortex M0+ microprocessor, which was chosen for its simplicity and small size. To make their chip, (which includes ROM, RAM and interconnections) the team used amorphous silicon fabricated (in the form of metal-oxide thin-film transistors) onto flexible polymers. In the first iteration of their PlasticARM, the researchers put the registers used by the CPU in a reserved part of RAM, and only 128 bytes of RAM were used. The resulting microprocessor was bendable, but it was neither efficient nor fast. Also, it did not have any programable memory. But the researchers note that they are just beginning. They suggest their work thus far has shown that it is possible to make viable flexible microprocessors, which means that eventually, it could be possible to print them onto clothes and other wearable devices at very low cost. They estimate that trillions of objects in the coming decades will be outfitted with processing power, including chips that can tell you if the milk is sour, shirts that can measure body fluids to be processed by your smartphone, and labels you can paste onto to your skin to warn others of your mood.