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Workers with the Maricopa County Recorder The state Senate approved $150,000 in funds earlier this year for the work by Cyber Ninjas and other firms, an amount that was quickly eclipsed by the donations from private groups which critics said taints any findings of what they have called a “sham” audit. “#RealAuditorsDon’t take a dollar, much less $5.7 million, to chase debunked conspiracies and discredit hard-working public servants with false claims about phantom ballots and deleted files,” Maricopa County said on its official Twitter account late Wednesday, July 28. The funding announcement comes as officials with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office on Thursday recovered election devices and more than 2.1 million ballots that have been in the possession of Cyber Ninjas and held at the county fairgrounds for the past six months. That came one day after the Justice Department raised concerns about the security of election documents and their chain of custody after an election, pointedly reminding states in official guidance that there are “federal criminal penalties attached” to a failure to safeguard records. A congressional panel and several private groups have sought records from Cyber Ninjas in recent weeks on everything from their audit procedures to their qualifications, from possible links to the campaign of former President Donald Trump to the source of their funding. Justice Department issues clearest warning yet on Arizona election audit  Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan said the release of the just-over-one-page funding report Wednesday was an effort at transparency by the auditors. “As we continue our commitment to transparency, we want to take this opportunity to publicly thank and disclose those organizations that have supported us during this audit,” Logan said in a prepared statement. The actual report on funding was just five lines listing the groups that had donated to the effort along with the total amounts given, “beyond the $150,000 contracted from the Arizona Senate,” Logan’s statement said. The America Project, which describes itself as a “pro-freedom, pro-America” patriot group, raised the bulk of the private funding, donating $3.2 million. America’s Future, which describes itself as “the nation’s leader in the fight to preserve American values and ideals,” contributed $976,514.43, according to the chart. Other funding came from Voices and Votes, which donated $605,000; Defending The Republic, which gave $550,000; and the Election Integrity Funds for the American Republic, which contributed $280,000. Logan also said that in addition to financial support, “the America Project, Voices and Votes and the DePerno Team (behind Election Integrity Funds for the American Republic, EIFFTAR) have also provided operational support and advice pivotal in executing the audit.” Attempts to contact the donor groups Thursday were unsuccessful. No details were released on where those groups raised the funds, although their websites all include an option where visitors can make contributions. The last three groups allow for donations specifically for the Arizona audit, what one of them called “the most important work being done to ensure election integrity.” Arizona Democrats call for audit probe, as federal panel starts its own  But critics say the audit has little to do with election integrity and more to do with sowing doubt about President Joe Biden’s victory in the state and instilling doubt about election security in general in future elections. “From the very beginning, it was clear that the Cyber Ninjas were not equipped to properly handle these ballots or the county’s election equipment,” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Thursday in an emailed statement. “Unfortunately, the damage caused by this partisan ballot review has been done.” The funding revelation is just the latest turn in an ongoing fight over the election audit.

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Michael Ferguson,Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Claire Chandler,Liberal Senator for Tasmania Improved intersections delivered under Road Safety Program The State and Federal Governments are working together to deliver better and safer roads across Tasmania. A prime example of this is an intersection near Cressy where road safety has been improved under a jointly funded program. A right turn lane has been constructed for southbound vehicles to turn safely off Poatina Main Road into Green Rises Road, just north of Cressy. The lane will reduce the potential for vehicles to be hit from behind while waiting to turn right. The Cressy project follows rehabilitation works to strengthen and improve the condition of the road surface in 2020. The intersection has previously been the scene of crashes involving vehicles turning right into Green Rises Road. The project is one of the first four intersection upgrades started under the Australian Government’s Road Safety Program, announced at the end of 2020. Under the program, the Australian Government on front page has committed $44 million for road safety projects in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government has contributed a further $12 million to the program. The installation of a right turn lane at the intersection of Tasman Highway and Lake Leake Road north of Swansea has also been completed. Construction of right turn lanes at the intersections of Tasman Highway and Upper Scamander Road in Scamander; and Colebrook Road and Tea Tree Road south of Campania are nearing completion. Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Claire Chandler, said Tasmanian drivers are benefiting from the Morrison Government’s investment in improving Tasmania’s road infrastructure. “The Morrison Government’s $44 million commitment to improving the safety of rural and regional roads is all about working with the Tasmanian Government to provide safety upgrades exactly like this one,” Senator Chandler said. “The addition of a turning lane at this intersection reduces the risk of accidents for both locals and tourists.” Further projects are planned, following these first four priority projects. Future projects include safety upgrades at intersections and shoulder sealing. Shoulder sealing can be expected to deliver a 30 percent reduction in head-on and loss-of-control crashes, which currently make up about two-thirds of all serious casualty crashes in Tasmania. Please see link to footage of the Cressy project